Sunday, November 11, 2012

Andrew Sullivan is right to point out republican hypocricy regarding federal spending

On this week's Real Time with Bill Maher episode, first airing November 9th, 2012, Andrew Sullivan of the Daily Beast dropped a bomb that I cannot believe turned out to be true.His charge- Republicans are hypocrites.

Sullivan said that the government's federal funding disproportionately subsidizes republican (red) states. And crazy as it seems, he is right. The party of personal responsibility also turns out to be the party of government welfare.

These would be the same red states that supported Mitt Romney, who famously complained about government dependency in a secret tape to a room of wealthy campaign donors, and who, as fate would have it, was overwhelming supported by that very same 47 percent he so condescendingly trounced. Here are the facts:

Below are two maps showing two key pieces of information. The first map shows the electoral college results for the 2012 presidential election with the 10 states that received the most federal funding in 2000 shaded in pink lines. The second map shows  the states that received the most federal funding in 2010 on the same electoral map and similarly shaded:

top 10 federally funded states in 2000
top 10 federally funded states in 2010

These maps reveal that the republican party is dominated by states that are dependent on the government. Republicans won 8 out of 10 states in the 2012 election that took the most federal money in 2000 and 6 out of 10 states that took the most federal money in 2010.

Yet this is the same party that vows to eliminate all entitlements, shrink the size of government, and make that freeloading, government dependent, lazy 47 percent of America take responsibility for their own well being. Well, I hate to break it to ya, republicans, but that 47 percent is also the voting base you rely on every election cycle.


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